We have several reasons why you should learn kiteboarding, and this time we want to share what our students have said after taking classes with us. This might help you make up your mind!

1- “Instructors really love this sport and the passion they share is contagious!” About this, all we
have to say is that we love what we do and it is our desire that more and more people live the kiteboarding experience.

2- “Instructors are so patient, with great vibes, and take their time to explain everything”. And
yes, we want you to have the best experience from the moment you contact us.

3- “Excellent spot for family/ group learning”. We make sure that we have all the space in the beach so you are focused on what to do rather than getting distracted by crowds, loud music, and other external factors. Besides, the water conditions of shallow depth and no waves of our
teaching spot is great for participants of all ages and heights.

4- “They make you part of the kiteboarding community”. We can’t stress this enough, and kiteboarding is a lifestyle for us. The kiteboarding community is like family.

5- “Unlike other schools, the instructors guide you little by little and are always smiling and willing to help”. We have been there too. Just like yourself, we also had our first time in kiteboarding, so we know what it feels like and that it just takes a little patience and lots of practice, practice, and practice. Did we say practice?

6- “The water is so warm that you can stay there for as long as the class goes”. This is very important, since you will not be distracted by cold temperatures and will take advantage of your whole session.

7- “The instructors are experienced and licensed”. It’s a fun sport, but we take it seriously. We want you to have the safest conditions, and that starts with instructors who know what they are doing, and speak fluent English and Spanish to communicate effectively.

8- “They tell you exactly what to do and they give you the kite and the board for the lessons”.
Let’s be honest, all activities have a theoretical side, but it’s with practice that you actually learn to do things. You wouldn’t learn how to make a cake without the ingredients, right?

9- “The are no rocks or any other obstacles to dodge in the spot”. Again, focus and confidence
are key when learning. All you will have in our spot is a nice sandy seabed.

10- “You get to gradually get up on the board”. Something we take very much into account is to
not accelerate our students’ steps. Of course, we will provide you the gear for you to start getting
the hold of it, but we go one step at a time until you start feeling confident and in control of the

We hope this information from our students’ views have clarified some of your doubts and, most
importantly, have encouraged you to make the decision of taking kiteboarding lessons… with us,
of course!

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