Program: Freestyle.

Improving the Obsession is always a tough task. This year we have re-analized the whole concept of the Obsession design base, and re-considered every possible component to achieve the new MKVI. Firstly the new leading edge arch: the new Obsession is now sligthly more closed than the previous one, looking more like a C shape kite with a bridle.



However its aspect ratio is way higher than that, and this keeps intact the boosting power of this real flying machine. Secondly, the new strut design: the vertical shaped struts with the new attachment system to the leading edge, has greatly improved the foil stability, allowing us to flatten the body shape towards the trailing edge. The Kite is now 20% more stable in the air, and thanks to this feature, we were able to completely re-design the bridle. Now the Obsession is even more powerful than the previous version, yet, incredbly it has even more range in the upper end with a softer, more progressive de-power feel.


Whatseemed and impossible task, was to improve the turning speed. In the big sizes until 10.5, now the Obsession MKVI is not only slughtly faster, but even easier to be kitelooped, with a more constant but neutral feel. All in all we have changed the Obsession inside out, but surely one thing was kept the same: the outstanding grafics that are part of the body of the kite, and are not prinyted on top of it, ensuring a longer lifetime, a lighter weight and a better construction strength. Try one for yourself and understand why more and more people around the world love this kites!

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