Kiteboarding Spots in Riviera Maya and Yucatan

A guide to finding the best kiteboarding destinations in Riviera Maya and Yucatan. In this map, you can find indications about several places, with recommendations of the best months for kiteboarding, how to get to the area and each spot’s different conditions.


Isla Blanca

Isla Blanca is an excellent spot, ideal for taking kitesurf lessons, is it a large strip of sand located only 25 minutes north of Cancun within a huge and shallow seawater lagoon. At this spot, you can kite with no risks, in shallow, calm waters.

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El Cuyo

El Cuyo is still an unknown place for most kiteboarder. Very few know that there are many windy days here. It is also one of the best spots in Mexico and North America for learning kiteboarding. The shallow waters, which allow you to see the sand lying on the seabed clearly, fill beginners with confidence.

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San Felipe

San Felipe is the ideal spot for learning how to Kiteboard in a remote, exotic location, thanks to the consistent side-onshore winds, shallow water, natural beauty, long beaches and most of all the number of windy days every year. We recommend going down-wind from Rio Lagartos to San Felipe.

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Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is located in the Riviera Maya, 45 minutes south of Cancun airport and 45 minutes north of Tulum. It is a city within the district of Solidaridad, located in the north of the Yucatan peninsula.

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Cancun is one of the best spots for kiteboarding in Mexico. Here you can find several places with all kinds of conditions, from flat waters to do freestyle

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