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Kitesurf Mexico in Playa del Carmen, Cancun and El Cuyo offers the whole line of Kiteboarding gear, kites, boards, harnesses, etc) by Slingshot and Ride Engine for sale in all of Mexico.
Kites and other kiteboarding equipment Slingshot are characterized by their superior quality and cutting-edge technology.
We ship to all of Mexico!

Slingshot  The next level inperformance, confort and durability.

Ride Engine Was founded with a mission to create products that bring us closer to our water-born passions.

Our product lineup is teeming with innovation for 2020


Kites for kiteboarding for all levels and specialties: Freestlye Kitesurf, Freeride Kitesurf, Waves and Kitesurf Racing.
Our clients get to purchase kiteboarding gear and equipment that is appropriate for their level, experience and preference.



Find the one that best fits your style:



Tenemos a la venta la linea completa de hydrofoil de Slingshot and Ride Engine.

Hydrofoil es una nueva forma de navegar con kite. Una de las mayores ventajas que presenta el hydrofoil es la posibilidad de navegar con vientos muy flojos (lights winds). Es decir, con un viento residual de 8-9 nudos y un hydrofoil ya estás disfrutando.

Otra de los divertimentos de este tipo de navegación es la sensación de ir suspendido sobre el agua, lo cual le da una feelling diferente con mucha mayor velocidad y sensación controlar el lift de la tabla (ascenso y descenso) con sensaciones increíbles.