Kiteboarding Equipment Rentals

Kitesurf gear rental in Cancun and El Cuyo. Rent the whole equipment from the best brands in the business in our school: kites, twintip boards, surf boards, harnesses, and neoprene wetsuits. All our gear is from the current year. Our kitesurf equipment is available for rent to all kiters who are able to ride upwind in both directions and return to the same point. In case of gear damage, it would be necessary to pay for the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment.

Full Equipment


1 Hs. 50USD

2 Hs, 90USD

3 Hs. 130USD

Full day 160USD


1 Hs. 40 USD

2 Hs. 70USD

3 Hs. 100USD

Full day 120USD



1 Hs. 20 USD

2 Hs. 30USD

3 Hs. 40USD

Full day 50USD


1 Hs. 15 USD

2 Hs. 20USD

3 Hs. 20USD

Full day 30USD


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