When you start kiteboarding it is like entering into a family.

It may sound a bit difficult to understand, but I will try to explain this to the people who haven’t had the opportunity to come close to this incredible sport.

I have practiced many other sports before starting kiteboarding and I still try out new adventures, but the sensation you get from kiteboarding and entering this world is unique. Kiteboarding is not only about enjoying the moment by yourself as it is the case with other individual sports, but it is also about sharing new emotions with old and new friends.

When you start with kitesurfing you feel alone and a bit frustrated. You see the others navigating and think “I will never make it, it’s too difficult, this sport is not for me”, but then you realize quite fast that this sport is actually for everyone.

The good vibes everyone has is incredible. The availability and patience everyone has to help you out I have only found it while practicing kitesurfing. I believe all of this begins from the moment you need someone else’s help to start or land the kite. From that moment on something is stimulated in our brain that unites us all as a family. Many of my best friends I have met practicing this sport and I would have never thought that my life would change so much ever since I began kitesurfing.

After starting kiteboarding my trips changed as well, since I was always looking for places with wind. When I travel and go to a new place for the first time, I meet new people and several of them are even friends with my kitesurfing friends.

This does not only happen to me, it happens to everyone who starts to travel and kitesurf.

This is being part of a huge family that is conquering the world and the great thing about it is that it happens through smiles.
Entering this world gives you a mix of sensations that you only experience when you become a kitesurfer.

While practicing individual sports always brings a bit of competition with yourself or against others, it is very different with kitesurfing because most of the kitesurfers just want to enjoy the wind, the sea or the beautiful new places they would have not known without practicing this sport.

When you are kiting and cross paths with another person, the first thing you do is smile; this is something that soothes your soul.

Imagine we were all part of one big team and this team would always win.

What else could you want from life? Just do more kiteboarding!

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