French travel blogger and kiter, Mathilde Meteye, visited us a year ago and we
want to share her views on what she thinks is “a true playground for riders”. Playa
del Carmen, that is.

DISCLAIMER: This is our English translation from her original article, which you
can find HERE in her website, in French.

Mexico, a unique winter destination, offers nothing but really beautiful scenery, and
this is partly due to the constant winds during the windy season, a true payground
for us riders, with spots worth seeing and visiting.

This is the right choice to travel with non-kiters, such as with your family or friends.
For this option, check my 2-week itinerary in Yucatan – Best of 2019.
January to April -> Best winds in February and March
The Pros?
Easily accessible – varied destination/ heavenly environment ideal for a family trip
The cons?
Too touristy – medium wind probabilities (1 day/ 2 average). Fairly light winds.

1/ Holbox

Holbox was clearly one of my favorites in Yucatan! It’s a small island that was long-
kept off the radar by a handful of well-informed travelers, located 2 hours north
from Cancun and nowadays, a destination far more notorious than Tulum, Isla
Mujeres, or even Cozumel.
White sand beaches as far as the eye can see, its small colorful fishermen’s town,
its Mexican Caribbean lifestyle, and of course, winds that blow from December to
May and make this heavenly island irresistible!

The Spot

For riding, the main beach (which is 1,5 km long) is perfect: turquoise waters and
the right amount of space for kiting. It’s very shallow for about 100 meters, so it’s
ideal for beginners. Beware of the winds that come offshore. However, since the
waters are shallow for a good part of the spot, the environment is pretty accessible.
And if you’re lucky enough, you can even have the chance of coming across
turtles, whales, dolphins, and even pelicans.
Winds: Off – Side Off and On – Side On/ Waters: Flat, Choppy / Level: All levels /
Best season: From December to May
Getting to Holbox:

You can get there by ferry from the small town of Chiquila, which is a 2-hour drive
from Playa del Carmen.
A school? Kiteboarding Holbox.

The school, founded by Jonny and Cathy, an English couple passionate about
kiteboarding, has been in Holbox for almost 10 years. They know the island by
heart and are willing to offer their good advice, positivity, and professionalism!
Their team of instructors: Anna, Julian, and Jirka, has been the same for 5 years,
which is something remarkable in the kiteboarding scene – and a true guarantee of
their quality. A team with a spirit that is nice to see, Their courses are affordable for
all levels. Otherwise, you can rent gear or request a supervision. The school also
specializes in Foil.

80USD per hour for a private course and 60USD per hour for a course for two
25USD the hour of supervision,
75USD for 3-hour gear rental/ 95USD for the full day
Note that when the wind season is off, the school changes its spot to Punta
Mosquito, from where they organize a trip with their students under safety
conditions. Besides, Cathy is always ready to pull out their boat whenever needed.
They’re passionate about teaching, and it shows. They have also created a blog
which I find absolutely interesting and useful about the learning process, the
performance, the mastery of the techniques… this is a sport that makes us strive
for continuous progress and evolution, which also adds up to the sense of
addiction that kiteboarding can easily develop on you.
This is what When It’s Windy is about. Don’t hesitate to take a look!
For reaching the school, Whatsapp: +52-1-984-179-5021

And on hectic days? Well, the crystal-clear waters, its transparency, and Holbox’s
beautiful setting are inviting enough to swap the board for a paddle board and have
a fine session of SUP! Jonny and Cathy rent their paddle boards and organize
Yoga Paddle courses for those who are interested.

2/ Punta Nizuc

Punta Nizuc is an excellent spot accessible from Cancun (15 min) and Playa del
Carmen (45 min.)
The Spot
With its immense bay protected by the reef, its large spots of shallow and flat
waters, this is definitely a spot that combines really good kiting conditions, for both
beginners and advanced riders. Besides, the place is far from being crowded. Even
during the high season -which happens to be in February- there were no more than
twenty kites (during peak hours) in the water.


Wind: On – Side On/ Direction: S-SE-E. But the best conditions remain with E-SE
winds since the east wind comes directly into the shore. / Water: Flat / Level: All
levels/ Best season: from November to June.
Note that at Nizuc, there are external showers and restrooms for beachgoers. It’s
open from 9h to 17h and there is a parking lot just beachfront.


Far more famous, the kite spot of Isla Blanca lies on a peninsula, surrounded by a

magnificent lagoon, a 25-minute drive from north of Cancun. This is a true jewel of


There are really several spots in the island, but the most famous – and most easily
accessible for beginners, thanks to its great safe lagoon named Chacmuchuc- is
Riviera Maya. The scenery is splendid: turquoise waters that fill your eyes, and
kilometers of deserted, white-sand beaches… It’s also an excellent spot for the
solid or pro riders, eager to try some nice new tricks!
This is also the windiest spot in Mexico; it is easily over 30 knots when it blows.
Run by Gianpaolo, from Italy, and his team of instructors -Armando and Gabriel
among others, and with whom I had the chance to kiteboarding. The school serves
both Playa del Carmen and Cancun. A very professional and nice team of a school
established some years ago.


A very useful piece of information is that Kitesurf Mexico also arranges kite trips in
the best spots of the peninsula, including Las Coloradas and El Cuyo. This, of
course, depending on the participants’ levels. Do not hesitate in contacting them
about it!
School contacts: Whatsapp: (+521) 984-807-2567



One of the most secluded and best-kept secrets of the peninsula, and a destination
that is at the same time starting to gain more attention… and in a very good way!
It’s very local down there! The authentic Mexican spirit in this fishermen’s town,
which offers the best conditions for kiteboarding, surrounded by an idyllic
environment. I still haven’t been there, but I won’t miss it the next time.
Some beautiful initiatives are emerging here: Gianpaolo, from the school Kitesurf
Mexico, is currently building a Kite Center, a place special for riders: Casa Cuyo,
with special colors to preserve this truly natural environment. And with everything
you need to have a nice kiteboarding vacation, in paradise!
Accommodation/ Gear rental / Material Storage/ All-level courses.


Located in the northernmost tip of the Gulf of Mexico, El Cuyo is indeed, a place
that remains still unknown for most kiteboarders. Very few know that the wind
statistics are higher there. It is also an excellent spot for learning due to its shallow
waters, which fill beginners with confidence. Downwinds are also very nice in El
One thing to consider here is that although the north wind is sometimes very
strong, there is also a chance for some nice waves – nice for strapless, Freestyle,
and other tricks.


2-hour drive approximately from Playa del Carmen, Cancun, or even Valladolid
Wind: On – Side On / Water: Flat, choppy, waves (occasionally)/ Level: All levels/
Best season: from November to August.

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