There is nothing better than kiteboarding, but the second best thing is kiteboarding with your family, friends, or your couple. Everything is possible: you will fall in love with the place, the sport, you will get to appreciate your partners of choice even more so; but most importantly, you will fall in love with the person you will become after experiencing this sport. Being a controlled-risk sport, you will end up feeling that if you can manage to learn kiteboarding, you can do many other things after completing your lessons, thus boosting your self-confidence and the thirst for reaching new goals, regardless of your age or gender.

Wheter you decide to learn this sport with your couple, your family, or friends, your bonds with them will grow stronger, and your senses will sharpen up as you engage in this healthy, fun, and exciting activity, which will for sure keep everyone’s attention away from any computer and phone screens for a while. Just make sure you get your pics taken while you are learning and practicing.

If one of your concerns is to keep distance and avoid crowds, rest assured that the spots we use for our classes in Cancun are away from the touristic zone and is altogether a place of undeniable beauty where you can have a great time and learn at ease. Our other spot in El Cuyo, is a true unspoiled paradise, with much less touristic activity and lots of charm. We have a hostel in this little town, which makes it ideal for a group or solo vacation.

If you are coming with children, this will be the perfect time to encourage them to do a sport that provides all the emotions that a high-risk sport can give, without actually posing a risk. We can’t stress this enough, but kiteboarding is a sport that everyone can do. Besides, this activity fosters a sense of adventure and mindfulness in kids, as well as sharing with the family and the kiteboarding community. On the other hand, it’s just the perfect occasion for a true connection between you and your travel partners or yourself, if you travel solo; and the elements of nature. And if you do want to practice but your family is still reluctant, that will not be a problem. They will get to enjoy the beautiful, flat and shallow sea of Cancun, whereas in El Cuyo they might do paddling or just play, swim, and relax in the sand while you take your kiteboarding lessons. Everything starts from leading with the example, so they will surely feel like kiteboarding for your next family vacation once they see you kiteboarding yourself.

Still unsure on where to spend some fun, safe, adventure vacation? Bear in mind that kiteboarding is a sport you can learn with your group of choice or by yourself, in the best spots in Mexico: Cancun and El Cuyo. In any case, this will sure be one of your best experiences by far, and you will want to return year after year to experience the sensations that only kiteboarding provides, without a doubt.

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