Just like we do in our classes, we want to deliver simple, clear, easy-to-follow recommendations for starting your kiteboarding lessons with us. These recommendations we bring today are a mix of our own piece of advice and our students’ views after taking their lessons so you can have both perspectives. These simple yet effective tips will guarantee that your learning objectives are met.

1- Our first recommendation is to first listen intently. Our instructions are very precise so you can get the most out of your lessons with the kiteboarding equipment on site. We’ll listen back to your questions and doubts as well, so do not hesitate in asking us anything during the classes. This will make you feel more confident as the class unfolds and will keep communication student-instructor on point.

2- Go step by step. This is not a race and we know each student has their own learning curve so we do not intend to force it. Every class has a structure of its own and we want to make sure you go through all the steps with no rush. To guarantee this, you will have an instructor just to yourself. We do not mix groups, unless you bring your own. And if that is the case, we will share an instructor per 2 students tops.

3- Sunblock is highly recommended and if possible, bring a long-sleeved tee. Remember we will be some hours under the sun and we want you to have a great experience without the slightest of worries.

4- It’s important that you send us accurate info of you and your party’s weight and height prior to the lessons. This way, we can bring the gear that best suits you for the kiteboarding practices.

5- Last but not least, do not feel afraid or embarrassed to fail. You’re learning to handle a board, a kite, and dealing with the elements of nature, so the key here is to take baby steps and consistent practice.

And one extra recommendation is to just relax and have fun in the process. The more confident you feel, the better you will perform and see your progress during the days.

Kiteboarding is such a fun sport and every year, kite manufacturers improve their safety measures to make it even easier, so leave your worries aside and just enjoy the ride!

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