el cuyo kiteboarding
el cuyo kiteboarding

Kiteboarding School: El Cuyo

El Cuyo, Yucatan offers pristine, white-sand beaches that are the perfect spot for kitesurfing. Calm waters and consistent winds make it easy for surfers of all skill levels to learn new tricks and build their confidence.

Our kiteboarding school in El Cuyo offers comprehensive, hands-on experiences led by our team of expert instructors. We continue to break new ground in the world of kitesurfing and are constantly finding new ways to provide our students with memorable, one-of-a-kind kitesurfing excursions. Our tried-and-true teaching methodology guarantees maximum results and superior student performance.

Kitesurf Mexico – El Cuyo offers:

  • Spacious beaches
  • Huge selection of equipment
  • Consistent winds
  • Ideal safety conditions
  • Customizable lessons
  • Expert instructors


Kiteboarding Lessons

Choose from a wide range of lessons and courses to build your ideal kiteboarding experience. The instructors at our kitesurf school will work with you hand-in-hand to ensure maximum performance for students of every skill level. El Cuyo is the perfect place for beginners and advanced kiters alike to practice their skills safely and effectively.


Accommodation in El Cuyo

There are many different kinds of accommodations available to students looking to join us in El Cuyo including beach houses, studios and exclusive hotels. Students interested in booking their accommodations through Kitesurf Mexico can enjoy 15% off in their stay at Casa Cuyo, a quaint, cozy hotel with a vibrant local kiters’ community.



FAQ: Is Kitesurfing Right for Me?

In a word: Yes!

At Kitesurf Mexico, we believe that kiteboarding is for everyone. Our instructors are trained to work with students of all skill levels, so even first-time kitesurfers can fully enjoy their experience. If you’re still unsure if kitesurfing is right for you or just need a little more information, visit the link below to read some frequently asked questions and get up to speed on what we offer at Kitesurf Mexico.

el cuyo kitesurf
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