2020 came with a lot of changes in the world and in kiteboarding. Kitesurf Mexico was no exception. In Mexico, last season ended up quite abruptly due to mandatory lockdown, and although we went through uncertain times without being able to do kiteboarding in Cancun and El Cuyo, we knew we would come back stronger.

One of the changes we made was to set an alliance with Slingshot kite, a kiteboarding Brand established in the United States in 1999, whose philosophy is quite relatable to ours, and it is that beyond being an award-winning, record-breaking sport, kiteboarding is all about a lifestyle that brings you closer to amazing people who share their experiences and encourage you to try your own tricks, jumps, and overall performance. Besides, this is the perfect sport to set your own records, a sport that makes you feel like you can fly, jump, and being in touch with water and other elements of nature at the same time.

As stated by its founders, Slingshot was created not to win awards (which they have), but rather as a brand for those riders (pro and amateurs alike) that just wish to collect experiences of their own, have some fun, find their own style, and get their share of adrenaline and adventure this sport provides. For both Kitesurf Mexico and Slingshot, having fun and trying new things is a serious business. And in the end, that’s what life should be about.

So if you decide to take your classes with us at Kitesurf Mexico in our spots in Cancun and El Cuyo, you will get to test ride Slingshot kites and boards, updated with the latest safety standards, and suitable for any wind conditions and rider skills, providing both versatility and user-friendly performance. Besides, the equipment is very resistant due to its design and construction, which minimizes kite tears.
Another innovation added to these kites, is their one-pump speed system, which will make your experience more convenient; a complete change from older kite versions.

If you would like to purchase this equipment in Mexico, you can do so directly with us, and we will provide you with all the guidance and support so you can choose the best according to your needs. Feel confident to contact us for all the details and help you have a better kiteboarding experience, and if it is in Cancun or El Cuyo, then the better.

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