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2020 came with a lot of changes in the world and in kiteboarding. Kitesurf Mexico was no exception. In Mexico, last season ended up quite abruptly due to mandatory lockdown, and although we went through uncertain times without being able to do kiteboarding in Cancun...

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Have you thought about taking on kiteboarding?

  Well, then try it!, and start with this sport easily and safely.   Kitesurf or kiteboarding is quickly becoming the most popular wind and water sport. If you still think this is an extreme sport limited to just a few people, think again. In this post, we will...

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It’s time to learn some strapless frestyle

You've learned to kiteboarding with straps, now it's time for a new challenge.More and more kiters are starting to grow more attracted by this new trend. Strapless kiteboarding with a kite and a surf board has been on for several years now, but the lack of...

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