Beginners and Kiteboarding

Seeing a kite flying over the water for the first time is an experience you won’t forget easily. You can’t help but wonder what it is and that can trigger a desire to learn more, and maybe even become part of the kiteboarding community.

The new generations are showing up with more and more conviction in their practice of this sport. People of all ages can practice it since it’s a water activity and a non-traumatic sport where mistakes are cushioned by the water’s flexibility which protects us from injuries that are much more common in sports such as football, skiing, or volleyball.

Still, images and sensations of danger are commonly associated with this sport, so it makes sense to ask some questions about the true dangers and the difficulty of kiteboarding.

It’s been many years since kiteboarding was born, and even when it’s still shrouded in mystery for all those who are not part of the scene, it’s important to remember that the pioneers of kiteboarding began their experiments with adapted gear, experimenting and putting their own safety at risk. Ant this is exactly where kiteboarding has evolved the most over the years: Safety achieved through the evolution, experimentation and investment by big brands.

Now kiteboarding has become a safe, easy-to-learn sport. This is also thanks to the establishment of schools dedicated to teaching kiteboarding from scratch.

With the correct equipment and help of an instructor you can learn how to hover over the water using a kite in as little as 3 days.

Nowadays kiteboarding is internationally recognized. Many countries have their own federations. Thanks to worldwide recognition and the great advances in safety, kiteboarding is no longer labeled as an extreme sport and it’s being considered to be added to the Olympics in the upcoming years.

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