About Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is located in the Riviera Maya, about 45 minutes south of Cancun Airport and 40 Minutes north of Tulum. After having grown steadily over the last few years, Playa is one of the largest cities in the Riviera Maya. However, thanks to a law that limits the maximum height of buildings, Playa has managed to maintain a picturesque ambience. the beach has not been invaded by monstruous hotels like it happened in Cancun, where it’s hard to see the ocean because of the hotels.

Its soft, white sand beaches and the incredible colors of the Caribbean Sea that tend to strong blue and turquoise in this area, attract toursist from all over the World. The weather is nice all-year-round. The caribbean Sea has a stable temperature above 24 °C.

One of the main features of the city is 5th Avenue. It’s a pedestrian-only street where most ot the bars, restaurants and shops are. After spending the day kitesurfing or doing other activities, 5th is the place to go for a drink or a bite to eat. On 5th you will find a large variety of international restaurants, stores and nightlife. If you’re looking to party until the next morning, 12th street is the place to go. On 12th you will find Paya’s most vibrant nightlife. Mandala, Diablito, and Coco Bongo, the world-renouned night club which offers different shows every night starting at 11 PM and closing at 5 AM.

Playa del Carmen is the ideal okace to take a vacation by yourselves or with the whole family. It only depends on what type of vacation you want. There is a perfect combination of fun, nature and culture at the heart of the Riviera Maya. From here, you can easily move to the best spots in the area.

Lodging: In Playa del Carmen you can find all accomodation types: Hostels, Hotels and Condos. At Playa’s Hotel Zone, called PlayaCar, you can find all the all-inclusive hotels. This is also a residential area with villas and luxury homes in Playa.
We Advise you to see:

Mayan Ruins

There are seveal extraordinary achaeological sites to visit with excursions leaving from Playa del Carmen. The nearest one is the ruins of Tulum, the only Mayan ruins located by the Sea, located 40 minutes away from Playa. Then if you want to see the most famous Mayan pyramids in the Riviera Maya you must go to Chichen Itza. If you’re passionate about ruins, you should visit Ek Balam, the best-preserved ruins in the area, though it’s a 3 hour trip there.


The Cenotes are natural water pools in the middle of the Mexican Jungle.
For the Mayans, the cenotes are sacred water holes and the entrance to an “underground world of magic and spirituality” as well as their main source for fresh water.
Don’t miss your chance to snorkel, dive or simply go for a swim in these marvelous “sacred waters”. Visibility in the cenotes is better than at sea.


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