Cancun kiteboarding

Cancun and El Cuyo Kiteboarding school

When you’re learning with Kitesurf Mexico, you have access to the most knowledgeable, friendly, patient coaches at your service. To maximize your kitesurfing experience, we recommend visiting our schools in Cancún and El Cuyo,

More than 10 years teaching kiteboarding.

More than a sport, this is a lifestyle that gets you out of the routine by generating indescribable sensations from day one of your classes.

Kiteboarding School

Kite School

Become an advanced kiteboarder with our courses!. Take the lessons by yourself, with your couple or with family. If you are already a kiter, you can improve your new jumps or tricks. Make the most of the flat waters. You will have the chance to learn and enjoy under the best safety conditions and with the experience and professionalism of our instructors.

Kiteboarding FAQ

Kiteboarding FAQ’s

Do you have any doubts about how easy and safe kiteboarding is?. Read our section dedicated to answering your doubts about this fascinating sport. Here, we will explain how easy it is to get started, as well as the high levels of safety reached in kiteboarding, thanks to the evolution of the materials and proper training at specialized schools.

Kiteboarding Shop

Kite Shop

At Kitesurf Mexico, you will find both knowledge and experience from professional people that will help you choose the best gear for your level! We are official Slingshot kite gear distributors. This brand stands out for its high quality and wide range of models, suited for kiters of all levels, from beginners to experts.

The Best of Kitesurf Mexico

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Our motto is “We always do our best” and it’s our intention to make your experience unforgettable. We treat our clients like family or friends. At Kitesurf Mexico we want you to live and discover a unique encounter with nature, the wind, and the Caribbean Sea.

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